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My Warm Vacation! February 15, 2009

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Portland, Oregon…okay, not that warm but it was beautiful compared to Regina, Saskatchewan! My younger brother (Tayler) plays in the Western Hockey League for the Portland Winter Hawks. He has been down there off and on since he was 16 and returned there in November of 2008 to rejoin the team after a ownership, management and  coaching change.

I made my first trip to Portland in November ’08, I had a ton of fun, saw some good hockey and spent a lot of time in a vehicle (22 hours to be exact). I went with my parents and I am not sure about you, but 22 hours in a vehicle with my parents and 5 nights in a hotel with them was more than enough. I had so much fun that my older brother (Steve) and I started to plan our trip down there shortly after I got back. We had originally planned to go to Cuba during the February break…as my brother won a free trip…instead of a warm, relaxing vacation, Steve decided to sell his trip so that we could go to Portland. I know we are crazy…so many people have given me strange looks over selling the trip to Cuba…who wouldn’t want to go somewhere warm.

Anyways, we left on February 2 and came back on February 8 (Tayler’s birthday). It was a great week. I will have a whole post of pictures from our trip to follow this post.

Joe's Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack

Tayler took us to some great restaurants, including Joe’s Crab Shack…which was the highlight…we each ordered a meal with crab in it and we got our meal in a metal bucket, with crab legs sticking everywhere, it was so awesome…and the Taste Tickler (a smal business sub place), again so amazing!

Taste Tickler

Taste Tickler

We also visited the Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper…again great meals! The best meal was probably being able to make Tayler his favorite food, lasagna, for his pregame meal on Saturday…it was part of our birthday present to him.

While there we also did a bunch of shopping, found some great deals, watched three hockey games, went to the zoo, figured out how to use their transportation system, and got to watch College Basketball everyday (I so wish that we had ESPN and ESPN2, there are games on all the time)!

We also got to spend some time with some really fantastic people who have been so good to Tayler and my entire family during his time there. Thanks Greg and Erin, Jen, Jason and family!

But now I am back and it is time to get back to the grind and to start saving for the trip next year!