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ECMP 355 January 22, 2009

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It is hard to believe that internship is already over and a new semester is starting. Internship was such a wonderful experience and I miss it on everyday…okay I don’t miss the drive but I do miss the educators, administrators, students and everyone else that I saw on a daily basis! Oh well, such is life I guess. One positive thing about missing internship is that I know I am supposed to be a teacher, if I didn’t miss it, then I would be worried.

With the end of internship another semester starts and that means classes, homework, and going to the university. I have six classes this semester…one I am doing by correspondence so it will be done by the end of February…or that is the plan. Two of my classes deal with technology so I will be using this blog for those two classes as well as for my own personal writing.

Last Wednesday was my first online classroom experience. I enjoyed it, the interaction was nice and it was definitely nice to not have to drive all the way to the university to attend class. I think that I missed some things though, cause I have no idea how to add a bookmark to delicious. I know, I must have fallen asleep for a little while, because that was discussed at length.

I did however, figure out how to subscribe to blogs and add them to my Google Reader account. I think that this will help me expand my knowledge by reading the experiences and opinions of other people.

My experience with technology is pretty basic. I use it on a daily basis, ran a wikispace for my classroom during internship and have used many other  applications. At the same time, technology drives me insane…my dependence on it and really my lack of knowledge on the details of how it works and how to fix problems upsets me a little bit.

Anyways, tonight is another online class…another experience…should be fun!