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No idea…any help? February 15, 2009

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I have no idea how to embed a video into my blog. I have tried from TED by copying and pasting the embedding link into my post and it just comes up as jibberish….what am I doing wrong? If anyone can help that would be great!

I can get them to embed from YouTube…don’t know what I am doing wrong…


Close to home February 11, 2009

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Afi and I (Christmas 2007)

Afi and I (Christmas 2007)

My mom’s dad, Afi to me, my siblings, and my cousins, had a stroke in September 1999. He had his stroke while he was out working in the field, he was unable to stop the tractor because the right side of his body had no feeling so he just drove around until my uncles went to check on him because he was gone for so long. He was just driving in circles, unable to help himself…but obviously not wanting to give up on his life yet. He went from being a tough, independent farmer one minute to being a totally different person the next. He was in extremely critical condition for a few weeks and spent some time at Wascana Rehab Centre. After his stroke he had limited use of the right side of his body and he had a hard time talking. He made it through though…he didn’t want to leave yet.

Five years later, to the day, he had his second stroke. It was equally as bad and although we all thought it would be the end, as there was a DNR  that meant he would have to come out of this on his own, he pulled through that one as well. His vision in his right eye got worse after this stroke, his right side was even more paralyzed and his speech was further disintegrated.  It took him a few years to get to the point where he could go on the lawn tractor in the summer and feel like he was useful in some way. Winters are an extremely hard on him, he hates the cold and doesn’t like to leave the house in the winter. He starts to feel even more low.

He again is going through a tough time, mini strokes and possibly the flu, again the worry is that he won’t pull through this time…

For this reason I decided to watch the video that Robbie recommended on his bl0g, Jill Bolte Taylor’s, my stroke of insight. This video is about her experience as a brain scientist that has a stroke and her recovery from this stroke. It is inspirational and very touching!


Library of Human Imagination

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Jay Walker’s Library of Human Imagination

There were three basic things that he talked about during his talk at TED. The first was about how the printing press  became so successful in a time when very few people could read. It was at a time when the Catholic church needed money so they began to hand write indulgences, which are essentially single page forgiveness that get you out of purgatory. People from the church went all around Europe and sold these indulgences to people in order to make money for the church. When the printing press was invented they were bought all over Europe, thus making it easier and faster to produce these indulgences so that more money could be made. That is how the printing press became so successful in a time when few people could read…I thought that was extremely interesting…

The Library of Human Imagination

The Library of Human Imagination

The second was about the Library of Human Imagination that he has built in his home. This library is all about stimulating the mind with all of the great things that humanity has done over the years. It is about being creative, having ingenuity and about the wonders of human imagination.

The third is about the similarities between two codes…one of life (DNA molecule) and the other of death (Anigma machine from the time of the Nazis). They are connected because of the human brain, the place where imagination is housed…where imagination is housed…the place that both of these things was idealized…the place where each of these things were created.

Overall this was a bit of a confusing video to watch. It was obviously three seperate presentations that were combined into one so the overall purpose was kind of lost on me. The pieces were all very interesting individually, together though they don’t make much sense. You can find more information on the library by clicking on the link in this post or you can click on the picture. Enjoy!