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Podcasting with the help of a classmate… April 4, 2009

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I don’t think that she even knows it, but Amber helped me out a lot when I was trying to figure out how to make a podcast and use Audacity. Thanks Amber! Her how-to blog post was excellent and I read it a few times…oh the power of technology. I had questions, I was able to search out classmates to find the answers…awesome!

Oh there were issues, and I think that I was even close to tears out of the pure frustration that I was feeling from trying to get this done. It frustrates me that it takes sooooo much time for something that is really so simple. I checked Dionne’s blog to and saw her post about Audacity and found out about needing to download LAME to be able to export my sound file to an .MP3 format. Then I had to try and figure out how to get my podcast onto my blog, just one more thing to frustrate me. I couldn’t figure it out so I starting searching the web for how to embed a podcast into WordPress post. I found this which turned me on to Podbean, a free podcast hosting site. So I signed up for that and got my podcast onto the internet. (At this point I am hoping that I am almost done with this tech task…) Then I checked the WordPress FAQs site for how to add audio to my post and came up with this result. Man I hope this works because my level of frustration may have just surpassed Erika’s.

Here is my pod cast about my biggest passion besides my family and my chosen profession (okay it might be close to both of those things, but I promise that I like them more…most of the time!)


Update: So obviously what WordPress said didn’t work so here is a link to my podcast.


Final Project Update March 26, 2009

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So the final project for ECMP 355 is coming along pretty well. I have mostly finished my part of the Business Education PLC that we have been developing on wikispaces. Here are some screen shots of one of the pages that I have been working on:




At the SBTA Annual Conference this past weekend we started the next phase of the project. Getting the wikispace out to Business Education teachers so that they can use the resources and add their own to the project. This is probably the most important part of the project as we really want to get this page to be a learning community for Business Education teachers. We want it to be a place where we can come together, share resources, and communicate best practices with one another. We want it to go beyond the realm of just creating a wikispace for a class project, it has been designed in a way that we think will be useful for Business Educators in the field, and that is very important to us as we work on the project.

If you go to the Business Education PLC you will notice that it is not yet complete, there is a group of 6 of us working on this project and although some people have completed their work not all parties are done yet. The deadline has been set for March 31 so the expectation is that everyone will be done their peices by this time. Then the second phase of the project really takes shape. We will get the wikispace out there to other Business Education teachers and associations using email, Twitter, and other social networking sites. The site will be opened up and anyone will be able to add their resources to the wikispace, further expanding the number of resources and teaching ideas that will be available through this wikispace.

I am going to be doing a post over the next few days about the joys and sorrows of working in groups, I think that this is an important topic – not only in terms of this project but also in terms of being a classroom teacher. Stay tuned!


The Places of my Life March 22, 2009

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Here is the custom Google map that I made to show the different places that I have lived throughout my life! It was easy to create and fun too.

I can see this being used in the classroom for students to show their knowledge in social studies, science, english, and a variety of other subject areas.


Podcasts from iTunes

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Tech Task #14 for ECMP 355 required me to find two podcasts from iTunes. One of these podcasts needed to be related to education and the other could be of our choice…anything that we find interesting. I have never used iTunes to find podcasts before, really I don’t use iTunes that much at all even though I have an iPod. I can’t even remember the last time I updated my iPod…I know brutal and kind of a waste of money…maybe I will become better at that, who knows though.

The first podcast that I want to share is the one related to education. IMAX – Under the Sea in 3D is the one that I chose. This is a video podcast that chronicles the recording of the next IMAX movie in the South Pacific with filmmakers Howard and Michelle Hall. Here is the trailer for the movie…thought it looked pretty interesting:

The second podcast that I want to share is ESPN:PTI. This is an audio podcast from Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser that airs on ESPN radio and is also a TV show. I love to watch their TV show but it can be difficult to find the time (often it is on at 3:30). They discuss the hot topics within the world of sports.


Frustrated March 5, 2009

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Tech Task #11 is frustrating me…I cannot seem to figure out how to use BubbleShare for making my digital story so I switched to One True Media. Got the pictures that I wanted uploaded and in the right order but I can’t use the text feature for free, which means no story. Then there is the fact that I have no idea how to use my voice to do this either. I know Business Education major, you would think that I would have some idea how to do these types of things but in truth this is not my area of expertise.

So that was a no to One True Media, on to the next option. I checked some of my classmates blogs to see what they had done for this task and Erika used Animoto…so on to that. Animoto, boo! Can only create thirty second videos and it says right on the site that this should be 12-15 photos. I only had 10 and it only included six of them. I have decided that I have spent too much time on this and I am just going to go with what I had done on One True Media.

There is my digital story. Some of the pictures I obtained from the Flikr Creative Commons, but most of the pictures are actually of my dog Rider and couple of both of my dogs, Rider and Ganzer. Rider is a purebred chocolate lab and Ganzer is a yellow lab/german shepherd/husky mix. The pictures that I took from the Creative Commons are the ones of the chocolate lab in the water…the rest are of my dogs.

We have had Ganzer for almost eleven years and Rider we got last summer as a four month old puppy.  My parents sold their house in my home town, where I spent the last 14 years of my life and where my dogs have always lived. They will be moving at the end of April from the 4.5 acres that they currently live on to a house in town. Our dogs have always lived outside and very much love the open space that they currently have. We had to make the tough decision to leave them behind…so sad! This story is one that I will be able to look back on to remember all of the good times with my dogs, how I will miss them. They will be in good hands as their new owners are fantastic people and they will be much happier on the open land as opposed to the confines of a town house, but it is still sad for our entire family!

Hope that you enjoy the video!


Wordle…this is so cool February 16, 2009

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Everyone was doing it so I thought I would get on board as well! Here is my philosophy of education that I pasted into Wordle. If you want to check out some other philosophies of education generated through Wordle take a look at these blogs:

Sarah Hill

Rochelle Anderson

Josh LeBlanc (not on philosophy of education but still cool)

If anyone else has done it and wants to post a link to their Wordle, please feel free to comment!


Tech Task 9 – PhotoStory February 15, 2009

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I downloaded Microsoft Photo Story 3 today to get started on Tech Task 9 so that I don’t get more behind than I already am! It was so easy to use…it took me no time at all to start and finish my project.

A screen shot of me creating my project!

A screen shot of me creating my project!

I can definitely see how this would be an excellent tool to use in the classroom. Students would have so much fun, the software is free, it is easy to use and it could fit with any curriculum or subject area! just think how much students would enjoy showing their parents a Photo Story project that they made in class today! The possibilities are endless!

I have uploaded my completed project to YouTube already. I don’t know that it is any good, but I had fun and I love my brothers and the ‘warm’ vacation I took with my older brother, Steve, to see our baby brother was so much fun!

Hope that you enjoy!