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Social Learning Evaluation April 5, 2009

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Attribute: Originally uploaded to Flickr Creative Commons by martin.canchola

Attribute: Originally uploaded to Flickr Creative Commons by martin.canchola

So I guess it is that time of the semester to complete the evaluations for ECMP 355. The first that I am going to reflect on is the social learning that I have experienced throughout this semester. Dean gave us a rubric at the beginning of the semester that would guide the evaluation of our social learning. Social learning has been an integral part of ECMP 355 and the tools/skills that I have learned in this class will help me in the future interact and learn from people online and face-to-face.

Throughout this semester (January 5-April 4) I have blogged an average of 2.7 posts per week (35 total/13 weeks). This is one of the major ways that I have participated in social learning this semester. I have also been using Twitter on a daily basis since I joined at the beginning of March, I am currently following 160 people and have 81 people following me. I am always looking to add more people to my network as I have learned a lot about the world and about web 2.0 from my interactions on Twitter. Some of the things that I have learned on Twitter are:

1. From @esther777 – very interesting site with links to other sites for educators about web 2.0 tools, I am looking forward to using this more.

2. From @profchandler – Easy lessons for new Twitter users, so useful when I first started using Twitter.

Twitter has also helped me in many other ways this semester as I interact with my classmates to get help on assignments, interact with Dean for questions about the course, and interact with my network by offering my thoughts and by asking for their advice as well as I expirement with new technology tools.

One of the big ways that Twitter helped me with social learning is when I posted to my blog and Dean then sent out a tweet about it, you can see the post and discussions here. As well as a post on Chris’ blog and comments here. This was a great social learning experience for me, uncomfortable at times, but still excellent as I was able to engage in discussion with Chris and also with those that commented on my blog. To me that is one of the beauties of blogging, I can not only state my opinions, beliefs, experiences and thoughts but I can engage with others in a discussion about these things and on a much larger scale than I could ever hope for in person.

I have commented on the blogs of my peers as well, although I have found it difficult to keep up with all of the  great posts that they publish. I agree with Dionne that it would have been so much easier if I had tracked these exchanges in a Google Doc as I went rather than trying to go back now and find all of them.

I enjoyed reading Josh LeBlanc’s blog as we are good friends and he has the courage to say many things that I am not brave enough too. We have worked together on many occasions, including our final assignment, and we share a passion for Business Education. Throughout the semester I have left comments on Josh’s blog here and here. Some of the other comments that I made on people’s blogs can be seen here, here, here and here. I know that I commented more than that but I cannot find them now, note to anyone taking ECMP 355 next year…keep track as you go!

I also linked to my classmates or others posts when I was blogging. Here are some of the posts that I did that with

  1. Podcasting with the help of a classmate
  2. Tech Task #3
  3. “Individually we are one drop
  4. Podcasts from iTunes
  5. Twitter, why did I start
  6. Wordle…this is so cool
  7. Tech Task 10
  8. Close to home

There were also numerous times that I engaged with commenters on my blog and these can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

I have also used wikispaces, and email to enhance my social learning.

I have learned from my classmates in specific circumstances like when Amber showed me how-to podcast using Audacity and Dionne’s post about Audacity and LAME directly helped me to figure out how to finish Tech Task #13. My post about this can be seen here. I was able to look at the experiences of my classmates and their mentorship experience. This helped me to determine what a successful mentorship project would look like and how I would shape such a project for my students in the future. My post about this can be seen here. I also learned about Wordle from the students in ECMP 455 and my post about that can be seen here.

During the Elluminate sessions I have been involved in discussing the class and content with my peers, asking questions, and offering solutions to others.