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The Trip September 20, 2009

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I have to apologize for the tardyness of this post. I have been trying for three weeks to get this post done. I have been having a hard time of knowing what I should be putting on this blog and what I shouldn’t be…as a result I have not put anything. Today my writers block has been brocken and I am a blogger again.

Lets take a few moments and catch up…For those of you that don’t know I am teaching in the Northern Lights School Division in Northern, Saskatchewan at the K-12 La Loche Community School in the Dene Building (7-12). Grade 8 is now my specialty, specifically English Language Arts and Social Studies. I also have a grade 9 Physical Education class and next semester (fingers crossed) I will have Entrepreneurship 30. Okay you are caught up!

The move up here was really good, and although I was freaking out for days before I left as soon as I got here I felt so much better. I knew what I was getting myself into, working at Ranch Ehrlo definitely prepared me for many of the “issues” that I will be facing up here. My place is small, but very nice and clean…except for Abbott’s toys that are strewn everywhere! I met most of the first year staff at the new teacher induction program in Prince Albert in the middle of August. What a phenomonal idea that was, cudous to whomever planned that event.

It was a long drive...but it was done safely!

It was a long drive...but it was done safely!

It was really nice to get up here and not be alone because I already knew so many people! My mom stayed with me for two nights and then she made the trip home. It was so nice having her here, gave me a bit of time to get settled in before being actually alone!

All in all it was a good move and nothing too eventful happened…then school started! But that is for another post…