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Podcasts from iTunes March 22, 2009

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Tech Task #14 for ECMP 355 required me to find two podcasts from iTunes. One of these podcasts needed to be related to education and the other could be of our choice…anything that we find interesting. I have never used iTunes to find podcasts before, really I don’t use iTunes that much at all even though I have an iPod. I can’t even remember the last time I updated my iPod…I know brutal and kind of a waste of money…maybe I will become better at that, who knows though.

The first podcast that I want to share is the one related to education. IMAX – Under the Sea in 3D is the one that I chose. This is a video podcast that chronicles the recording of the next IMAX movie in the South Pacific with filmmakers Howard and Michelle Hall. Here is the trailer for the movie…thought it looked pretty interesting:

The second podcast that I want to share is ESPN:PTI. This is an audio podcast from Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser that airs on ESPN radio and is also a TV show. I love to watch their TV show but it can be difficult to find the time (often it is on at 3:30). They discuss the hot topics within the world of sports.