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Personality Peeves February 12, 2009

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Okay through my seven years of post secondary education I have been through 3 different types of personality tests. I hate these things, I know who I am and what I am made of. Do I need to take a stereotypical test to tell me these things?

The first test I took revealed that I have the personality that is typical in hired hitman…how is this possible? I mean I have never even thought of doing like this, I am going to be a teacher and I think a good one, how does this mesh? I can’t remember exactly which test this was as it was over 6 years ago, but I can remember being the only person in the class to have these results and that it bothered me very much then.

The second test that I took dealt with the personality colours and I was a green first and secondly a yellow. We did this test in EPS 350 last winter. I was one of maybe 6 people in that had green as their primary colour and the only one with the green/yellow combination. Again this very much bothered me…not because of my actual personality but the way being a green was percieved by the people in my class and the professors. In an almost negative way! If you looked at the article I have given you a link to you will see that a green personality:

Greens are the opposite of blues. They are indirect and self contained. They are soft spoken and pronounce their words properly. Greens like statistics and data. More data, more data, more data is what the green personality needs. The green’s idea of fun is creating a new spreadsheet or analyzing data. They are very organized. Greens suffer from analysis paralysis. They are very hard to please. They tend to be depressed and lonely. Greens are good at follow through. They don’t understand how the blue can be so scattered and unorganized. Greens are persistent. They are the planners and organizers. Green’s dislike pushy, aggressive people. They dislike not getting all the facts. They dislike being late. Greens will give you short, one word answers. They don’t expand on them and you have to pull the information from them. If you are working with a green, give them more data, more data, more data. The one who gives a green the most data and the most accurate data wins. Greens comprise 35% of the population.

And yellows:

Yellows are open like the blues, but indirect like the greens. They will answer your questions, but won’t expand on them unless it’s a topic they are comfortable with. Yellows are family oriented. They are the nurturers, the teachers, nurses, and counselors. Yellows are very dependable. Their dress is casual and comfortable and their speech is soft and gentle. They are team players. Yellows are patient, supportive and sensitive. Yellows are generally followers and not leaders. They tend to be overly sensitive. Yellows are not goal oriented. They dislike pushy people, bullies and conflict of any kind. If you are working with a yellow, let them know how they can help others. Show them that you will be there to support and help them. They like to be part of a team. Yellows comprise 35% of the population.

Now that does not sound all bad to me…but that is how I felt when I was sitting in class listening to how most teachers are reds and blues. How greens and yellows are heartless and cold. How I am an anomoly and that is somehow a bad thing. Not that everyone should be respected for the strong skills that they bring to the table, not that there are peices of each colour in us all, not that these are just tests and can be misleading and not accurate. Nope, that I am a green and yellow and that teachers are red/blue.

The third experience I had with this was the Type A/B discussion. I am obviously a Type A in many cases, those of you that know me would even say that I am an extreme Type A, this is not a bad thing, it works for me. In the class that we were discussing this in, the stereotype of Type A being an overbearing, control freak that is stressed out was repeated constantly. It was made obvious that being a Type A was a negative thing…only the negative things were discussed.

This drives me absolutely crazy. I have a lot of skills that are very valuable, regardless of what personality a test says that I am. Not only that but aren’t we supposed to be encouraging understanding and appreciation for people that are different from us whether that be in race, culture, personality, sex, religion, etc. Well these experiences were not encouraging at all, I was made to feel poorly about the person that I am, something that I really can’t help. Can I change the fact that I like number? That I am time oriented? And because I am these things does that mean that I am not caring, compassionate and a good teacher? Absolutely not.

Maybe I am overreacting, maybe I am reading too much into this, or maybe these are just tests and we should teach our students that regardless of what a test says about them, they need to be happy with who they are…if it works for them who are we to say that it is not okay?

I welcome any comments about personality tests that you have gone through…whether they be similar to mine or in the totally opposite direction!