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The Trip September 20, 2009

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I have to apologize for the tardyness of this post. I have been trying for three weeks to get this post done. I have been having a hard time of knowing what I should be putting on this blog and what I shouldn’t be…as a result I have not put anything. Today my writers block has been brocken and I am a blogger again.

Lets take a few moments and catch up…For those of you that don’t know I am teaching in the Northern Lights School Division in Northern, Saskatchewan at the K-12 La Loche Community School in the Dene Building (7-12). Grade 8 is now my specialty, specifically English Language Arts and Social Studies. I also have a grade 9 Physical Education class and next semester (fingers crossed) I will have Entrepreneurship 30. Okay you are caught up!

The move up here was really good, and although I was freaking out for days before I left as soon as I got here I felt so much better. I knew what I was getting myself into, working at Ranch Ehrlo definitely prepared me for many of the “issues” that I will be facing up here. My place is small, but very nice and clean…except for Abbott’s toys that are strewn everywhere! I met most of the first year staff at the new teacher induction program in Prince Albert in the middle of August. What a phenomonal idea that was, cudous to whomever planned that event.

It was a long drive...but it was done safely!

It was a long drive...but it was done safely!

It was really nice to get up here and not be alone because I already knew so many people! My mom stayed with me for two nights and then she made the trip home. It was so nice having her here, gave me a bit of time to get settled in before being actually alone!

All in all it was a good move and nothing too eventful happened…then school started! But that is for another post…


The EXPO and the Job Offer… January 29, 2009

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So anyone that is education at the U of R knew that yesterday was the big Career Expo, over 40 exhibitors looking to hire the most qualified teachers in the country. That is right…the program at the U of R is arguably the best in the country and I am so proud to be graduating from there.faculty-of-ed

Okay back on point, I spent some of Friday and most of Sunday night getting ready for the Career Expo, getting application packages together, resume, cover letters, photocopying, scanning, etc. All in the name of getting a job…or I was hoping that would be the ending. The other part of this process was to spend time looking at the different exhibitors to decide where I wanted to apply, where would I want to work, where do I want to spend the next few years of my life and maybe longer. There were three places that really appealed to me: the Government of Northwest Territories, Northern Lights School Division #113, and Prairie South School Division (where I interned).

I prepared packages for each of these places, took some extra resumes along and when my friend Nic picked me up we were on our way to make decisions about the rest of our lives. Yeah, I know that is a bit dramatic, but is a big deal…

I talked to a number of the exhibitors including some of the overseas agencies, a school in Mexico, Peace River School Division in North East BC, and some others as well. I spent the most time at the Northern Lights and Northwest Territories exhibit. Now I am not sure when I decided that I wanted to go up north, but whenever I made that decision it sure stuck with me. I signed up to interview with Northern Lights and got all the information I needed about the Northwest Territories. My interview was for Tuesday, January 27 at 4:30. I thought that I would go to that interview and see what happens, if I didn’t get a job through them I could always follow up with Northwest Territories.

My interview went really well and I got offered a contract that will commence in August 2009. Woo hoo! No more job hunting, no more interviewing, no more applications! I have a job, a full time teaching job, my own classroom, students to impart my knowledge on…I can’t wait. I am not sure to this point where I will be teaching or even what I will be teaching. From the interview, it is probable that I will end up teaching in La Loche, about 10-12 hours from Regina, with a few people that I know from the Faculty of Education. I am very excited and I can’t wait, although I will miss my family and friends and the convenience of being in a city with all the ammenities. I will keep you all updated as I find out more about the contract and the details of my job!

Miss Jordan…full time teacher!