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The advantages and disadvantages January 28, 2008

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So after two days of training for work I headed home for the weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night watching hockey; my cousin in a senior game and my brother in a AAA Midget game. Both games were won by the good guys (or the teams that my family members play for). I also got to watch my younger cousin play a basketball game at my old highschool, brought back some really nice memories.

It was nice to see some family and get to relax for the day on Saturday. But then I got back to the city today, opened my books and said to myself, “it is going to be a long night”. So after having a good couple of days at home where I did NO homework, I have set myself up for a long night. That means working through five more readings and then starting a lesson plan and finishing a reading response. Wonderful, the advantages and disadvantages of trying to have a life outside of school and work.