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All things Google, again! January 29, 2009

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google-edSo Tech Task 5 was to explore the different Google education tools and then write about them in our blog. I looked briefly at this technology during our online class last week but now it is time to get down and dirty and really look at what this can bring to my classroom!

Google Groups – that sounds really cool. The idea that I can communicate in real time with students or then can communicate and collaborate on assignment in real time even if they are not in the same physical location is very interesting. This would be a great tool for the classroom. Just thinkg – group work – they wouldn’t have to be sitting together, they wouldn’t have to be in the classroom at all, they could work on it together from anywhere! Also it could be used to communicate with parents as they could access this from home.

Google Calendar – another very cool tool. I/students could set it up to include the important dates at the school, in our classroom and in the community. Perfect for parents and students so they can keep themselves up to date.

Google Docs – I like the idea of this tool, as students would be able to work on assignments together in groups, edit from different computers at the same time. This would work really well with Google groups as students can communicate and work on their papers, spreadsheets, and presentations without encountering the problem of only one person being able to work on a computer at a time…meaning that the other partner(s) just sit there. I can remember countless times in my internship that I said no to group work in Information Processing because only one person can work on a computer and thus the project at a time. Google Docs would allow all students to work on the documents simultaneously! Sounds like a good idea! The other benefit is to save school boards money as they are able to use this technology instead of having to update their software. However, I do have one question. If a school board spends a lot of money this summer to get the new software how are they going to feel about teachers using Google Docs? Also how will this technology interact with the firewalls and what about student privacy? Not necessarily negatives, just questions that I had. Any comments be sure to leave them!

Google Notebook – this tool allows you to clip information from your browser, store and organize this information without even having to leave your browser. This would be an excellent way for students to complete research or just to store information that they find interesting.

Really, I think that all the Goolge education tools would be valuable to use in the classroom. Students would find it all very interesting and would buy into what they were learning because they would be able to use some very ‘cool’ technology! And just think…by using these tools you would end up being the ‘cool’ teacher in the school…not that you won’t be anyways!