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Tech Task 10 February 15, 2009

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This is what I have come up with thus far for Tech Task 10.  I really like this assignment but struggled a bit with what I was actually supposed to do. As I replied to Dean, anything that requires me to be creative causes me a bit of anxiety (especially when I am in a class that is full of Arts Ed. majors, yikes!). I have to say that I am more the athlete type and when it comes to artistic creativity I fell victim to the topic of Sir Ken Robinson’s presentation very early on in life. Oh well, I am trying and that is all that I can ask of myself.

(If you click on the picture it will take you to another page where the image is full size! You will be able to see it better.)

The four pictures that I have chosen for this assignment reflect what is important to me and has helped shape me into the person that I am. First of all, my family are the the most important people in my life, hands down. I love them all very much and love to spend time with them! I have been blessed to grow up with wonderful parents who were able to teach me so much about life and what it means to be a good person. They encouraged me to believe in myself, be confident, stand up for myself, and many more important lessons. My siblings are also very important to me and they are three of my best friends! I never would have thought that when we were growing up in, we would have ended up that way…there were a lot of fights throughout the years…just ask Tayler, he could tell you!

The third picture is of me golfing this summer in a tournament with my older brother, Steve. Golfing has been an integral part of my life for the past 12 years or so. I love being out on the course, trying to work around the course and beat the previous round, competing with myself on a daily basis, and that perfect feeling of hitting a great shot…man is there anything better, not in my opinion! I golfed a lot in high school, to the point that I spent everyday at the course in the summer. I golfed competitively throughout high school, finishing 6th in provincials in grade 11. After a pretty major and prolonged wrist injury I stopped golfing competitively but I still continued to golf all the time! This past summer I decided that it was time to get back into it…I played in my first competitive tournament in 6 years and it was extremely nerve wracking. I learned a lot about myself that week, especially how much I love golfing and playing in tournaments. I have started to work with an excellent golf coach and my goal is to win Amatuer provincials, get a spot on the provincial team and go to Nationals. With hard work, I think that this goal is attainable.

The last picture is of my faculty advisor at the University of Regina, Dr. Cyril Kesten, and some of the other Business Education majors I have gone to school with for the past 4 years. We attended a conference together last year. We had a lot of fun! Besides that they have each taught me a lot about myself and what it means to be a good teacher (which is another one of my goals in life). They have each become an important part of my life and I know that they will impact the rest of my teaching career and if I’m lucky the my life in general!


My Warm Vacation!

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Portland, Oregon…okay, not that warm but it was beautiful compared to Regina, Saskatchewan! My younger brother (Tayler) plays in the Western Hockey League for the Portland Winter Hawks. He has been down there off and on since he was 16 and returned there in November of 2008 to rejoin the team after a ownership, management and  coaching change.

I made my first trip to Portland in November ’08, I had a ton of fun, saw some good hockey and spent a lot of time in a vehicle (22 hours to be exact). I went with my parents and I am not sure about you, but 22 hours in a vehicle with my parents and 5 nights in a hotel with them was more than enough. I had so much fun that my older brother (Steve) and I started to plan our trip down there shortly after I got back. We had originally planned to go to Cuba during the February break…as my brother won a free trip…instead of a warm, relaxing vacation, Steve decided to sell his trip so that we could go to Portland. I know we are crazy…so many people have given me strange looks over selling the trip to Cuba…who wouldn’t want to go somewhere warm.

Anyways, we left on February 2 and came back on February 8 (Tayler’s birthday). It was a great week. I will have a whole post of pictures from our trip to follow this post.

Joe's Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack

Tayler took us to some great restaurants, including Joe’s Crab Shack…which was the highlight…we each ordered a meal with crab in it and we got our meal in a metal bucket, with crab legs sticking everywhere, it was so awesome…and the Taste Tickler (a smal business sub place), again so amazing!

Taste Tickler

Taste Tickler

We also visited the Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper…again great meals! The best meal was probably being able to make Tayler his favorite food, lasagna, for his pregame meal on Saturday…it was part of our birthday present to him.

While there we also did a bunch of shopping, found some great deals, watched three hockey games, went to the zoo, figured out how to use their transportation system, and got to watch College Basketball everyday (I so wish that we had ESPN and ESPN2, there are games on all the time)!

We also got to spend some time with some really fantastic people who have been so good to Tayler and my entire family during his time there. Thanks Greg and Erin, Jen, Jason and family!

But now I am back and it is time to get back to the grind and to start saving for the trip next year!


Tech Task 9 – PhotoStory

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I downloaded Microsoft Photo Story 3 today to get started on Tech Task 9 so that I don’t get more behind than I already am! It was so easy to use…it took me no time at all to start and finish my project.

A screen shot of me creating my project!

A screen shot of me creating my project!

I can definitely see how this would be an excellent tool to use in the classroom. Students would have so much fun, the software is free, it is easy to use and it could fit with any curriculum or subject area! just think how much students would enjoy showing their parents a Photo Story project that they made in class today! The possibilities are endless!

I have uploaded my completed project to YouTube already. I don’t know that it is any good, but I had fun and I love my brothers and the ‘warm’ vacation I took with my older brother, Steve, to see our baby brother was so much fun!

Hope that you enjoy!


Close to home February 11, 2009

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Afi and I (Christmas 2007)

Afi and I (Christmas 2007)

My mom’s dad, Afi to me, my siblings, and my cousins, had a stroke in September 1999. He had his stroke while he was out working in the field, he was unable to stop the tractor because the right side of his body had no feeling so he just drove around until my uncles went to check on him because he was gone for so long. He was just driving in circles, unable to help himself…but obviously not wanting to give up on his life yet. He went from being a tough, independent farmer one minute to being a totally different person the next. He was in extremely critical condition for a few weeks and spent some time at Wascana Rehab Centre. After his stroke he had limited use of the right side of his body and he had a hard time talking. He made it through though…he didn’t want to leave yet.

Five years later, to the day, he had his second stroke. It was equally as bad and although we all thought it would be the end, as there was a DNR  that meant he would have to come out of this on his own, he pulled through that one as well. His vision in his right eye got worse after this stroke, his right side was even more paralyzed and his speech was further disintegrated.  It took him a few years to get to the point where he could go on the lawn tractor in the summer and feel like he was useful in some way. Winters are an extremely hard on him, he hates the cold and doesn’t like to leave the house in the winter. He starts to feel even more low.

He again is going through a tough time, mini strokes and possibly the flu, again the worry is that he won’t pull through this time…

For this reason I decided to watch the video that Robbie recommended on his bl0g, Jill Bolte Taylor’s, my stroke of insight. This video is about her experience as a brain scientist that has a stroke and her recovery from this stroke. It is inspirational and very touching!


The end of an era… February 1, 2009

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Okay that might be a little bit dramatic, but it is sad none the less. My sister is in her fifth year with the University of Regina Cougars Women’s basketball team. I have been lucky enough to watch all of her home games over the last 4 years after I moved to Regina to go back to school. I have attended two national championships tournaments to watch her play, Winnipeg in her first year and Saskatoon last year. As I previously posted I will be watching nationals again this year in Regina and I can’t wait.

Each season, at the last home game, the team honours their graduating players and aknowledges their parents. This game will fall next weekend against Brandon. When I realized that I would be missing that game I was extemely upset. I won’t be there, I have been there for every other game over the last 4 years and I won’t be there for this one. I am flying out to Portland on Monday and will not be back until next Sunday. I am going to watch my younger brother play hockey and just to take a little holiday. While I would not choose to stay home, I sure wish that the timing could be different so that I could be there to honour my sister for her hardwork, dedication and undying commitment to her team. The seasons have not all been easy for her and I know that it will be an emotional game for her, my parents and me, even though I will be a long ways away!

They play again tomorrow against the University of Manitoba after beating them in today’s game quite handily. Tomorrow will be the last league game that I will watch my sister play, something that has been so important to me and my family will be coming to a close. Next year won’t quite be the same without my sister playing basketball and without having that to occupy my Friday and Saturday nights (I know lame right).

I want my sister to know how proud I am of her everyday, even when she drives me crazy! She has been through so much, endured injuries, losing streaks, limited playing time and a host of other things and she still remains dedicated to her teammates, being a better player and person. She should be so proud of herself for playing 5 years of university basketball, getting a great education and making three national appearances! This is an experience that she can draw on for the rest of her life…I look forward to seeing what she will do next, for now, I will cherish tomorrow and dread  that last game!

My sister and I at nationals last year!

My sister and I at nationals last year!


The advantages and disadvantages January 28, 2008

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So after two days of training for work I headed home for the weekend. I spent both Friday and Saturday night watching hockey; my cousin in a senior game and my brother in a AAA Midget game. Both games were won by the good guys (or the teams that my family members play for). I also got to watch my younger cousin play a basketball game at my old highschool, brought back some really nice memories.

It was nice to see some family and get to relax for the day on Saturday. But then I got back to the city today, opened my books and said to myself, “it is going to be a long night”. So after having a good couple of days at home where I did NO homework, I have set myself up for a long night. That means working through five more readings and then starting a lesson plan and finishing a reading response. Wonderful, the advantages and disadvantages of trying to have a life outside of school and work.