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Mentorship Update April 1, 2009

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My mentorship project for ECMP 355 has been sorely lacking…due to my own issues and downfalls. I received an email today from Eldon Germann, one of my mentorship teachers, telling me about the projects his students were blogging about. Digital citizenship/responsibility/safety are all things that are important to me, as you might have noticed from prior posts. I was excited to see that Mr. Germann’s students were learning about these issues! – Here is an example of some of the student’s work! I really like the first picture, very colourful, gets my attention and it gets the message across. (For some reason it will not embed so a link will have to be good enough)

Here are some of the comments that I have been making on the student’s blogs:



mentorship-picture2Most of the students were also blogging about their Google Readers and their favourite sites that they subscribe to. Many of the students expressed their favorite as being a celebrity gossip site. I guess it never even crossed mygossip-comment1 mind that this would exist. I posed some questions to the students about what they think of this site, is it just gossip, is there any truth…those kinds of things.

celebrity-gossip-postI pose this question to all of you, not really sure of the answer myself…are sites like these just a form of cyber bullying?

So that is the newest update on my mentorship, there should be a few more over the next week or so!