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The end of an era… February 1, 2009

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Okay that might be a little bit dramatic, but it is sad none the less. My sister is in her fifth year with the University of Regina Cougars Women’s basketball team. I have been lucky enough to watch all of her home games over the last 4 years after I moved to Regina to go back to school. I have attended two national championships tournaments to watch her play, Winnipeg in her first year and Saskatoon last year. As I previously posted I will be watching nationals again this year in Regina and I can’t wait.

Each season, at the last home game, the team honours their graduating players and aknowledges their parents. This game will fall next weekend against Brandon. When I realized that I would be missing that game I was extemely upset. I won’t be there, I have been there for every other game over the last 4 years and I won’t be there for this one. I am flying out to Portland on Monday and will not be back until next Sunday. I am going to watch my younger brother play hockey and just to take a little holiday. While I would not choose to stay home, I sure wish that the timing could be different so that I could be there to honour my sister for her hardwork, dedication and undying commitment to her team. The seasons have not all been easy for her and I know that it will be an emotional game for her, my parents and me, even though I will be a long ways away!

They play again tomorrow against the University of Manitoba after beating them in today’s game quite handily. Tomorrow will be the last league game that I will watch my sister play, something that has been so important to me and my family will be coming to a close. Next year won’t quite be the same without my sister playing basketball and without having that to occupy my Friday and Saturday nights (I know lame right).

I want my sister to know how proud I am of her everyday, even when she drives me crazy! She has been through so much, endured injuries, losing streaks, limited playing time and a host of other things and she still remains dedicated to her teammates, being a better player and person. She should be so proud of herself for playing 5 years of university basketball, getting a great education and making three national appearances! This is an experience that she can draw on for the rest of her life…I look forward to seeing what she will do next, for now, I will cherish tomorrow and dread  that last game!

My sister and I at nationals last year!

My sister and I at nationals last year!


Hello Nationals! March 1, 2008

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“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog”  – They went in ranked 5th in the country and with the other three teams in the Canada West Final Four ranked above them in the nation wide rankings. But they showed that this quote, one of my favorites, is too true as: 

They won. Bigger than winning though is the fact that they qualified for NATIONALS in Saskatoon next weekend. The Cougars Women’s Basketball team, ranked number 5 in the country, have upset the number 1 team in the country, Simon Fraser University Clan. It was a very exciting game to listen to. The Cougs were down by 12 at one point in the first half and then they were up by 9 at another point. They then let the Clan back into the game but managed to retake the lead and expand that lead in the last 3 minutes of the game. Congratulations ladies! So proud of you and can’t wait to watch next weekend. Woohoo!!!!!!!

One more game to go and you can walk in as Canada West Champions…keep working ladies.