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Two Steps… February 29, 2008

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Or at least that is how many steps it felt like I took today between seeing some of the educators from my past. I took in Showcase today, which is a conference that is put on by the STF and only comes to Saskatchewan every 8-10 years (or so I heard from who I think is a reliable source). This is a two day conference and it is mandatory for every STF teacher in Saskatchewan. Saskatoon had theirs last week and it was Regina`s turn this week. This includes the Southern Saskatchewan rural school districts as well.

I went to Stuart Mclean in the morning and it was excellent. I had never heard of him or the Vinyl Cafe before, I know get out from under my rock right. He was very funny and the time flew by. As I was exiting to the displays I saw my grade 5 teacher, my grade 6 teacher and other teachers from the elementary school in my hometown. Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to talk to them, but I saw them. I went for a walk through the displays with a classmate and that is when it happened:

I ran into my history teacher from high school who was also my golf coach and got the opportunity to catch up with him, and guess what, he is a Business Education minor and Cyril taught him!! Hahahaha. He said to say hello Cyril. When I was done catching up with him I saw my chemistry teacher/basketball coach, who has now become my friend. I haven’t seen him at all this school year which is pretty awful, although we stay in contact through email, but not nearly enough. He was with the the principal of the elementary school in my home town and we all got caught up and they reminced about their interning experiences. My chem teacher was saying that the school he interned in was so big that he had a map!!! Thankfully I have Campbell pretty well figured out. He is originally from a small town too so he gets the overwhelming nature of being in a big school for the first time. I was hoping that I would see him there as it has been too long and he has been a very important person throughout my life and he is one of the people that I can thank for helping me to choose this career and that has shaped the person and teacher that I have been, am and will be! Thanks Mr. L!

 Done talking to them, about to go and get a bite to eat when I run into a man who used to teach in Balgonie and coached the senior girls basketball team there. He is a great guy and from what I have heard from his pre-intern a great teacher. Then Mr. L showed up again and we all got to catch up. It was really awesome to see him as it has been a long time, probably 4 years at least. He told me about his travels across the school division and then about him ending up at Usher and of course we talked basketball.

 By that time I had lost my classmate and my ride! I found her though and we eventually got out of there. It was a really awesome day and I was really happy to see my old teachers. It was also really nice to start talking to them like I am their colleague. Who knows, come the fall of 2009 I might be! I still can’t call them by their first names though, even though they want me to!

Tomorrow is going to consist of planning for my CS 9 class next week. My whole weekend will consist of planning, but hopefully I can take a break to watch the Cougs qualify for Nationals!