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Tech Task #3 April 4, 2009

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I know that this probably looks a little out of place, but I missed this tech task, now to go back to completing it. In tech task #3 we had to add blogs to our Google Reader (which I did, it was the next part that I missed) and then blog about something we had read from one of the educators blogs we had added. notgoodenough1notgoodenoughnotgoodenough

The blog post that I would like to comment on is that by Cool Cat Teacher on sharing what you can. I found this post interesting because I always find myself thinking that I am not posting on my blog enough. It is not even a matter of quantity that I find myself having a problem with it is the matter of quality. I am thinking, not only am I not writing that much but what am I writing that anyone would want to read. Would I read my own blog posts if I wasn’t me?

Twitter is much the same way, I can see the possibilities that are there and it is not that I dislike it at all. I just wonder what I have to say that other people are going to want to read, and I get caught up in trying to find something to say that I think is worth saying/reading and I really end up not updating that much.

Anyways back to Cool Cat Teacher, the line that I really liked from this post said:

Share what you can, when you can and that is enough.

Great line, so true. I can only write on my blog when I both have the time and feel motivated to write. I don’t want to write about a bunch of nothing, I want to be passionate or at least have some feelings about what I am writing, I want to have an opinion and feel the need to express it. And that is enough, for me that is enough. I found these words encouraging for me, they reminded me that I can only do so much with my online identity when there are so many other things going on in my life. Things that just have to be a priority. In the post, Cool Cat Teacher, talks about how reading to her child every night has become the priority to blogging at night. Exactly as it should be.  Technology and online presence are important, there is no doubt, however there are so many physical world things that are more important and it is important to know this and find that balance. We have talked about this balance in many of our online ECMP classes, how do you balance learning in the physical world with learning in the digital world?

Then there is the idea regarding comparing yourself to others:

Don’t let your self-comparison of yourself to others let you get down and quit.

My best is good enough. The fact that there is room for me to grow as a digital learner and contributor is a good thing. I am still learning, I am still mastering this process, I will get better. Until then, my best is good enough!

Thanks Cool Cat Teacher, just what I needed!


Frustrated March 5, 2009

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Tech Task #11 is frustrating me…I cannot seem to figure out how to use BubbleShare for making my digital story so I switched to One True Media. Got the pictures that I wanted uploaded and in the right order but I can’t use the text feature for free, which means no story. Then there is the fact that I have no idea how to use my voice to do this either. I know Business Education major, you would think that I would have some idea how to do these types of things but in truth this is not my area of expertise.

So that was a no to One True Media, on to the next option. I checked some of my classmates blogs to see what they had done for this task and Erika used Animoto…so on to that. Animoto, boo! Can only create thirty second videos and it says right on the site that this should be 12-15 photos. I only had 10 and it only included six of them. I have decided that I have spent too much time on this and I am just going to go with what I had done on One True Media.

There is my digital story. Some of the pictures I obtained from the Flikr Creative Commons, but most of the pictures are actually of my dog Rider and couple of both of my dogs, Rider and Ganzer. Rider is a purebred chocolate lab and Ganzer is a yellow lab/german shepherd/husky mix. The pictures that I took from the Creative Commons are the ones of the chocolate lab in the water…the rest are of my dogs.

We have had Ganzer for almost eleven years and Rider we got last summer as a four month old puppy.  My parents sold their house in my home town, where I spent the last 14 years of my life and where my dogs have always lived. They will be moving at the end of April from the 4.5 acres that they currently live on to a house in town. Our dogs have always lived outside and very much love the open space that they currently have. We had to make the tough decision to leave them behind…so sad! This story is one that I will be able to look back on to remember all of the good times with my dogs, how I will miss them. They will be in good hands as their new owners are fantastic people and they will be much happier on the open land as opposed to the confines of a town house, but it is still sad for our entire family!

Hope that you enjoy the video!