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Podcasting with the help of a classmate… April 4, 2009

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I don’t think that she even knows it, but Amber helped me out a lot when I was trying to figure out how to make a podcast and use Audacity. Thanks Amber! Her how-to blog post was excellent and I read it a few times…oh the power of technology. I had questions, I was able to search out classmates to find the answers…awesome!

Oh there were issues, and I think that I was even close to tears out of the pure frustration that I was feeling from trying to get this done. It frustrates me that it takes sooooo much time for something that is really so simple. I checked Dionne’s blog to and saw her post about Audacity and found out about needing to download LAME to be able to export my sound file to an .MP3 format. Then I had to try and figure out how to get my podcast onto my blog, just one more thing to frustrate me. I couldn’t figure it out so I starting searching the web for how to embed a podcast into WordPress post. I found this which turned me on to Podbean, a free podcast hosting site. So I signed up for that and got my podcast onto the internet. (At this point I am hoping that I am almost done with this tech task…) Then I checked the WordPress FAQs site for how to add audio to my post and came up with this result. Man I hope this works because my level of frustration may have just surpassed Erika’s.

Here is my pod cast about my biggest passion besides my family and my chosen profession (okay it might be close to both of those things, but I promise that I like them more…most of the time!)


Update: So obviously what WordPress said didn’t work so here is a link to my podcast.