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Instructional Strategies January 23, 2008

For an assignment in my EBUS 350/351 class we have to create an instructional strategies resource. This resource will contain fifteen different instructional strategies and a lesson that displays each strategy. As I progress through this assignment I will post them on this page so that they are available to my peers and other professionals.

Not all 15 are included here, but hopefully I will get them up soon. Here are the descriptions and lesson plans:

Case Study Description

Case Study Lesson Plan

Concept Attainment Description

Concept Attainment Lesson Plan

Explicit Teaching Description

Explicit Teaching Lesson Plan

Handout Description

Handout Lesson Plan

Investigative Groups Description

Investigative Groups Lesson Plan

Open Discussion Description

Open Discussion Lesson Plan

Scavenger Hunt Description

Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan

Story in a Bag Description

Story in a Bag Lesson Plan

Synectics Description

Synectics Lesson Plan


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