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Hard to find the words… October 27, 2009

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I have been looking at my computer for almost two hours now, wondering what it is that I should write about. There is so much, yet so little to say. I know that might be hard to understand, but have you ever felt like no one could understand what you were talking about even if you told them everything.

That is how I am feeling right now, I am sure that I am being overdramatic. But hey, you can’t help how you feel at times. For that reason I don’t feel as though I have anything to say that will reflect on me in a way that Iwould like it to. So until the next time…


One Response to “Hard to find the words…”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Hey! I could try to understand how you are feeling! Remember, I also moved far away from home and started a new job and was overwhelmed! And I am also in my first year of teaching and overwhelmed! Call me!!

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