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Shelfari October 5, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — tjordan @ 9:51 am

I have created a Shelfari account, both for myself individually and for my classroom. I still have a lot books to add to my individual shelf but eventually I will get there. I am disappointed that WordPress does not have a widget that allows Shelfari to be on my blog. Blogger does allow this though, so my class shelf will be right on our class blog eventually.

For the class shelf I want to include some of the books that we will be reading this year. I also want to include some of the books that I am using as resources to get the short stories and poetry from. Recommending books for my students to read will also be a use for the Shelfari tool on the class blog.

I think that this tool will be a benefit in my classroom for the students as well as they will establish their own accounts. They can include the books that they are reading in class and write their own reviews of them. I like that it is easy to set-up and use!


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