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One of those days! October 2, 2009

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frustrationIt definitely was one of those days…nothing seemed to go right and as the day went on things got worse. I started the day at 6:30 or at least I was supposed to. Add in a bad decision to hit snooze for an hour and I was already behind the eight ball. When I finally got myself up, I realized that I had left my lunch bag at school the night before so I had nothing to pack my lunch in…nice!

I do have some problem solving skills, even at 8:00 am, so I did get myself to the school, with a lunch, eventually. I went to the computer in my classroom to print of a part of speech review that I wanted to make into an overhead…only to realize that I had not saved it the night before and the computer had for some reason turned itself off…nice x2!

The first two classes of the day were not too bad…although I did have to ask a few students to sit outside the classroom. That is pretty normal routine though by now. Then third period and the computer lab…last night I spent over an hour making a Jing tutorial (that you can see here) for my students. They get to the class blog to watch the video and lo and behold it does not work because the computers don’t have the right player or something like that. $%^^&%$#**(*&^%%^&*&**^&^%$##@$%^&*&**&^^%%$#$#! So after all that work and what I thought was a pretty good tutorial…I had to walk them through step by step. We get to the point of adding a video and YouTube is not cooperating. $%#Y#$&#I#$Y$$(#$&$&$(! So scrap that. Oh did I also mention that there was one student who could not follow along and two others who couldn’t remember their account information. !#%^@&$*^%&#**($!

Have I mentioned that I love my life. But alas tomorrow is another day and after a test, the final chapter of a novel study, and a talking circle my day will be pretty much over and the weekend will begin. TGIF!


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