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Glogster September 30, 2009

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Here is the poster that I created to try to use Glogster…it is pretty basic but I think that I have the idea. I can see my students using this in the classroom to make posters rather than paper and pencil. For example, if my students were going to redesign the cover of a novel or create a culture poster like we did earlier…this would be the perfect tool. It is easy to use and the students would love it!


3 Responses to “Glogster”

  1. […] Glogster is an online tool that you can use to create posters. I have created one about my favorite things…my puppies. Okay when you see the pictures they are clearly not puppies but I love them and they were what I thought of first when I wanted to try out this tool. You can see my first glog here. […]

  2. Check out for safe content and teacher controled student accounts.

  3. tjordan Says:

    Thank you Jim, I will check that out!

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