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Officially Miss Jordan September 20, 2009

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WOW…teaching is hard! Not just that was a tough day I’ll relax for the evening tough, but I don’t even want to move except to reach for the Kleenex box hard. Okay I am being a bit dramatic…but even after four years of university classes telling us how hard it would be and four months of internship to test our ability to handle the difficulty, I have realized that there is another level of hard! And I am living it…

Don’t get me wrong, I love to teach. There is not a doubt in my mind that I want to be a teacher, in some capacity, for the rest of my working life. But this career will test even the most mentally and physically strong person. It has only been three weeks of being an actual, employed teacher but I have learned a few things…

  1. Nothing replaces a great staff and support network. I have already made some great friends that operate as my second family here in La Loche and I am so grateful for them. From potlucks, game nights, to offering their expertise and resources they are truely wonderful people that I am blessed to have met!
  2. Some days it will never be enough. I had a student ask me how much I make in a day…the dialogue went something like this:

Me – “I am not sure what it breaks down to on a daily basis.”

Student – “$50”

Me – a little chuckle “No it is more than that, not many people will teach for $50 a day”

Student – “Why?”

Me – “Because teaching is hard and some days no matter what I was being paid it would not be enough!”

It is so true…on those days that a student tells you that if they ever became affluent (one of our words of the day) they would buy a new teacher so that I wouldn’t teach them anymore, or that they would give me a million dollars to quit teaching, or the whole day feels like it was a complete flop because you only got through a third of the lessons and even then you have no idea how much the students even learned…yeah money is just not enough.

3. All it takes to make teaching worth all of the difficult situations is to have one student smile, have one student get the question right, or have one student look at you like you are no longer the enemy and maybe just maybe  see the flicker of respect in their eyes.

Teaching can be a volatile profession, one that I am very happy to be part of. There have been a few bad days, okay more than a few. But there have also been those days that I don’t want the class to end because the students are engaged and because things are going so well. There are those students that make my job extremely difficult and then there are a few students that I would do whatever I could to get them to their graduation and to see them succeed.

It is hard to believe that it has already been three weeks…at the same time I feel as though it is hard to believe that it has only been three weeks.

Until next time…I will be updating my blog much more regularly so keep checking!


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