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RBEA February 7, 2008

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Tonight there was an RBEA (Regina Business Educators Association) meeting hosted at the UofR. It was quite interesting, Josh and myself gave a presentation on behalf of the third year students and I think that with some minor adjustments that we are well on our way to being ready for WestCAST next week (or at least I hope so). Our presentation was on the Issues in Business Education and although I felt as though the presentation went well, I don’t know how much came out of it. I think that we are a very beaten down group of teachers in the sense that we are not sure what our options are. And even if we exercise these options who will take us seriously. I am willing to work on it and I sure won’t give up without a long fight as I have a lot of years ahead of me in this profession. I love a challenge!

I am sure that I will comment on this many times (actually I am sure that I already have), I will not be a technology teacher and if I am not willing to compromise then something has to. I think that the steps we are taking now, forming a committee will help to make changing the state of Business Education more a reality, so I will jump into that and strive to make a difference for myself and my future students!


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